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Brokers and Real Estate Agents

We're pleased to work with brokers and real estate agents for their clients to purchase townhomes at Paxton Calabasas. The broker cooperation fee will be paid only if the broker accompanies the client on the client's first visit to Paxton Calabasas to complete the broker registration document with the client.

Subject to the policies herein, a cooperating commission fee of 2.5% of the original base price of the home, excluding credits, options and upgrades, will be paid upon close of escrow and mailed by the Title Company to the Cooperating Agent's address.

  1. The registration is valid for 60 days. If the Client fails to execute a Purchase Agreement at Paxton Calabasas within 60 days of the date hereof, this registration shall be null and void.
  2. The Cooperating Agent must accompany the Client to the Sales Gallery on the first visit and register the Client at that time. Any relationship, purported relationship or obligation of referral, claimed to have been created without the Cooperating Agent's presence at the time of the Client's first visit, cannot be honored. If the Client first visited the Sales Gallery without the presence of the Cooperating Agent, no cooperating fee will be paid.
  3. Each Client may be re-registered, every 60 days, until such time as the Client purchases a home at Paxton Calabasas. Failure to have a current, valid Registration in effect at the time the Client purchases a home at Paxton Calabasas will invalidate any claim for a cooperating fee.

Execution of the Registration constitutes the Cooperating Agent's agreement to the terms herein and to allow representatives of Polaris Pacific to contact the Client directly on any matter pertaining to the purchase of a home at Paxton Calabasas and to indemnify and hold harmless Polaris Pacific from and against any and all claims, charges, fees, costs, obligations, damages, liabilities, expenses and attorney's fees incurred or sustained by Polaris Pacific by virtue of the actions, errors, omissions or mistakes of the undersigned Cooperating Agent, its company, or their agents, representatives or employees with respect to, or in connections with, the Client's home purchase transaction.

artist rendering of pool and clubhouse.
Artist's rendering of Paxton Calabasas Clubhouse and Pool

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